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The best way to invest in children’s potential is through the power of partnerships.

Global Child Forum is fortunate to have a committed group of public and private partners who enhance our work with their unique capabilities. We focus on building long-term, mutually beneficial strategic partnerships that can deliver results for our efforts and value for society.

Our global network of partnerships ensures that no company is alone in addressing issues related to the challenges of safeguarding and prioritising children’s rights.

In 2020, Global Child Forum joined the World Benchmarking Alliance. We’re proud to be one of their Allies, alongside fellow organisations also striving to shape the private sectors’ contribution to achieving the SDGs. 

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Global Child Forum is a non-profit foundation, supported by a dedicated group of public and private partners. Interested in funding us, and helping create a better society by advancing the agenda for children’s rights? Let’s work together!

Funding partners

Business Sounding Board

Influential companies sharing their expertise

Business Academy

The Global Child Forum Business Academy is an exclusive training programme for professionals wanting to equip their company with the knowledge and tools to integrate a child rights perspective throughout the value chain.

To reach your sustainability targets, you need to ensure you understand your company’s impact on children and child rights. The Business Academy focuses on peer-to-peer networking and collaboration, with small groups solving real problems together. Under the guidance of the programme, participants can take inspiration from companies who have come some way on their child rights journey, and can share their invaluable experience.

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Impact Report

How do we create impact?

Global Child Forum’s mission is to influence companies to elevate their action for children’s rights, making a positive difference on a global scale.

How is this achieved? Take a look at our latest Impact Report.

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