Benchmark Methodology

Industry Weights

Global Child Forum

The impact of industries on children’s lives

For our benchmark, each industry a company belongs to is weighted across our impact areas. The weighting takes into account material topics identified as critical for each industry within Workplace, Marketplace, and Community & Environment. The Governance & Collaboration impact area is determined to be equally important for all industries, and is therefore assigned the same weight (25%).

You can find the weighting by industry in the table below.

Sector Industry Gov. & Collaboration Workplace Marketplace Comm. & Environment
Consumer DiscretionaryApparel & Footwear25%31%21%23%
Consumer DiscretionaryAutomobiles & Components25%22%25%28%
Consumer DiscretionaryPassenger Transport25%16%30%30%
Consumer DiscretionaryPersonal & Household Products25%30%25%20%
Consumer DiscretionaryRetail25%30%27%18%
Consumer DiscretionaryTires & Rubber25%33%5%37%
B2BConstruction Materials & Supplies25%45%8%22%
B2BCapital Goods25%43%0%32%
B2BConstruction & Engineering25%43%0%31%
Basic MaterialsAgricultural Products25%36%9%30%
Basic MaterialsChemicals25%28%19%28%
Basic MaterialsContainers & Packaging25%33%14%28%
Basic MaterialsMetals & Mining25%31%0%44%
Basic MaterialsPaper & Forest Products25%41%0%34%
Energy & UtilitiesAgricultural Products25%36%9%30%
Energy & UtilitiesOil & Gas25%19%9%47%
Energy & UtilitiesUtilities25%16%24%35%
Energy & UtilitiesWaste Management25%34%9%32%
FinancialsReal Estate25%7%32%36%
Food, Beverage & Personal CareAgricultural Products25%36%9%30%
Food, Beverage & Personal CareFood & Beverage25%33%28%14%
Food, Beverage & Personal CarePersonal & Household Products25%30%25%20%
Food, Beverage & Personal CareRetail25%30%27%18%
HealthcarePharmaceuticals & Biotechnology25%30%32%13%
Technology & TelecommunicationsIT Software & Services25%25%37%13%
Technology & TelecommunicationsElectronics-B2C25%29%24%22%
Technology & TelecommunicationsElectronics-B2B25%41%4%30%
Technology & TelecommunicationsTelecommunications25%28%25%22%

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