How do the world’s most influential companies respond to children’s rights?

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The State of Children's Rights and Business

Since 2013, Global Child Forum has been benchmarking companies in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group, assessing their implementations of the CRBPs. The data can be used by corporates to increase their social impact, and by investors to inform their decision-making.

Our business universe is the SDG2000, companies identified by World Benchmarking Alliance, to be the most influential in reaching the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. To date, we’ve benchmarked nearly 3000 companies, and more is yet to come.

With knowledge from our benchmark, the corporate sector is better equipped to meet the demands of financial investors, governments, civil society and the society in which they operate. Companies can also assess their performance in relation to peers in different markets and regions. Our long-standing benchmark series enables us to track progress over time  – and the data is also relevant for investors and other stakeholders that assess or rank companies.


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From our latest benchmark

9% of the companies in our benchmark scored as "Leaders", with top scores in relation to how they support children's rights

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Best performing companies

Since 2013, Global Child Forum has been benchmarking the world's most influential companies, assessing how they respond to children's rights. Our data can be used by corporates to increase their social impact, and for investors to inform their decision-making.

The scores in this top list come from the Food, Beverage & Personal Care Benchmark 2022.

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Wilmar International
Olam International
Fuji Oil Holdings
Sime Darby Plantation
The Hershey Company
Reckitt Benckiser (RB)
Aldi Nord
Ahold Delhaize
Aldi South Group
Governance &
Community &


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Sean O’Shea

Corporate Engagement Manager

Sean works as our Corporate Engagement Manager. Prior to joining Global Child Forum, he worked at the Stockholm School of Economics as a Corporate Project Manager. Before moving to Stockholm in 2021, Sean worked as the Private Secretary to the Ambassador of Japan to the UK and earlier, as a Senior Parliamentary Assistant and Chief of Staff to several members of the UK Parliament. Sean has a degree in Politics and International Relations from the University of Exeter. He joined Global Child Forum in September 2022.

Nina Vollmer

Senior Children´s Rights and Business Specialist

As the organisation’s senior expert, Nina conducts research and supports companies on how to improve their understanding of, and impact on children’s lives. She develops and works with the tools and services that Global Child Forum offers, including the Business Academy, Scorecard Feedback service, guidance and best practices. Nina also supports with content creation for events and communications. With responsibility for the methodology behind the Corporate Sector and Children’s Rights Benchmark, Nina is the appointed spokesperson for benchmark activities, and regularly speaks at key events and conferences. Nina holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Lund University (Sweden), and has worked both nationally and internationally with human rights and development within the NGO sector.

Matthew Goodwin

Head of Sustainable Investing

Matthew is pioneering a new role at Global Child Forum as Head of Sustainable Investing, responsible for building Global Child Forum’s relationship with the financial services sector and ensuring that our sustainability data on children’s rights is made available to investors, asset managers and asset owners, helping them integrate children’s rights into their operations and investment decision-making process. Prior to joining Global Child Forum, he spent eight years at Lloyds Banking Group in London. Matthew studied Law and French at Université Paul Cézanne, Aix Marseille III and The University of Sheffield.