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1.1.1 Minimum age of employment

Does the company prohibit child labour?

Scoring options

  • 10: Yes, the company explicitly prohibits child labour in operations and/or for suppliers (e.g. in a stand-alone policy, code of conduct, supplier CoC, or as a reference in the annual report)
  • 5: The company does not explicitly prohibit child labour but it prohibits all human rights / labour rights violations more broadly
  • 0: No, the company does not explicitly prohibit child labour


It is important that a company takes a public stand against child labour to show commitment to the issue.

What are we looking for?

A public commitment in e.g. CoC, Human Rights policy or Sustainability report. If a company prohibits child labour for its suppliers, this is often found in the Supplier CoC or Procurement policy.
GRI standards ref: 103-2


Corporate Sector & Children’s Rights
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