WORKPLACE - Policies & Commitments

1.1.2 Decent working conditions & family friendly policies

Does the company have family friendly policies and policies to promote decent working conditions?

Scoring options

  • 10: Yes, the company has a parental leave policy (beyond what is legally required) and/or the company is committed to work-life balance
  • 5: Yes, the company prohibits all forms of abuse and harassment/ has an anti-discrimination policy/is committed to gender-equality and/or to living wages across the value chain
  • 0: No, the company does not report any decent work or family friendly policies


A company’s workplace policies are important indicators of a company’s commitment to the well- being of their employees and their families.

What are we looking for?

Policies that shows that a company is committed to providing work-life balance for their employees, as well as parental policies that exceed that which is legally required. Alternatively, public commitments/policies to ensure employee well-being more broadly, e.g. in CoC or Human Rights policy.


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