COMMUNITY & ENVIRONMENT - Policies & Commitments

3.1.1 Resource use & damage to the environment

Is the company committed to reducing its environmental impacts?

Scoring options

  • 10: Yes, the company is committed to reducing its environmental impacts and has set specific reduction targets
  • 5: Yes, the company has a general commitment to reducing its environmental impacts
  • 0: No, the company does not have an explicit commitment to reducing its environmental impacts


A commitment to reducing negative environmental impacts shows a company’s commitment to the wider community and displays an awareness of the company’s responsibilities as a corporate citizen. Specific reduction targets, show a stronger commitment than a general statement to reducing emissions/impact more broadly.

What are we looking for?

A clear commitment of the company to reduce its negative environmental impacts and specific reduction targets, that a company can measure its progress against. The commitment is often found in the Sustainability Report or Environmental Policy.


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