COMMUNITY & ENVIRONMENT - Reporting & Actions

3.3.1 Resource use and damage to the environment

Does the company report on its environmental impacts in direct operations and supply chains?

Scoring options

  • 0: Yes, the company reports on its progress in reaching its environmental impact reduction target (e.g. annual progress compared to previous years)
  • 5: The company discloses information on its environmental impact (operations and/or suppliers)
  • 0: No, the company does not report on its environmental impacts


A company that discloses its own environmental performance (and that of its supply chain) shows commitment to upholding its environmental policy. A stronger commitment is shown if a company discloses performance in relation to specific targets.

What are we looking for?

Reporting on the environmental impact of the company’s operations and supply chain. Reporting is often disclosed in text or graphs in SR or AR.

N.B There is a difference between a “commitment” for which a company receives points in 3.1.1 and to report on their impact. To get points here, a company needs to report on what impact they actually have in figures (and for 10 points, in relation to reduction goals).
GRI standards ref: 301-1, 305, 306, 307 for impacts in own operations and 308-2 for impacts in supply chains


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