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2.3.1 Minimum age of employment - reporting

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About our best practice examples

Best practices have been selected from among companies that have scored 10 on a specific indicator according to the Corporate Sector and Children’s Rights Benchmark methodology. They are offered as examples for reference and inspiration and are not intended to represent the best, or only, approach to a particular issue.



Why did this company score 10 on this indicator?

The company reports on outcomes of their child labour policy, showing that it is being implemented and followed-up on internally.


Why are we highlighting this company as a good example?

Disclosures show transparency regarding outcomes (in this instance cases found/not found). There is also a clear reference to hazardous work for juvenile workers and actions taken to remediate this. (A hardline approach to child labour, barring anyone below the age of 18, could have a negative impact on the opportunities/possibilities for youth to get important worklife experience, i.e. to recognize this and to allow, but monitor the conditions for workers under 18 years of age, is considered best practice).

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