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What is the Global Child Forum Business Academy?

The Global Child Forum Business Academy is an exclusive training programme for you who want to equip your company with knowledge and tools to integrate a child rights perspective in your operations.

The programme focuses on peer-to-peer networking and collaboration in a small group to solve real problems together, under the guidance of the programme and with inspiration from companies who have come some way in their journey and can share their experience.

The Business Academy covers business-critical issues, linking these to children’s rights perspectives and highlighting the potential for both negative and positive impact on children’s lives. The issues are also clearly linked to other sustainability perspectives such as the SDGs.

In 2023, the programme will primarily consist of workshops, with around four participating companies per session:

  • Workshop 1: April 26th, 2023
  • Workshop 2: May 2nd, 2023

If you want to register for these workshops, please contact our Corporate Engagement Manager Sean O’Shea here


Business Academy Class 21/22

Tech & Telecom

Interested in joining the Business Academy?

Our first Business Academy class 21/22 was focusing on the Tech & Telecom sector. In 2023, we’re focusing on companies within Food, Beverage & Personal care. Interested? Please contact our Corporate Engagement Manager Sean and he’ll tell you more.

Sean O’Shea

Corporate Engagement Manager


Who can participate?

Our Business Academy is now open to companies in the Food, Beverage & Personal care sector, that have an established work around sustainability and human rights and are now looking to more fully integrate a children’s rights perspective within this area. We turn to companies within the SDG2000 list, prioritizing those who have received an average score between 5.1 and 7.5 in the 2021 Corporate Sector and Children’s Rights Benchmark. The aim is to give your company guidance and tools to better understand and integrate a child rights perspective in your company’s operations and thus improve your benchmark score to become “Leaders” in the ranking.

The programme is directed towards sustainability/human rights executives/managers within these companies, who have an overarching responsibility of implementing/overseeing sustainability/human rights across operations and can engage other functions such as procurement, legal, human resources, sales, products and services, etc. as needed.

Global Child Forum are currently recruiting companies to be part of the next programme, starting early 2023 for companies within the Food, Beverage & Personal care sector

If you are interested to join the programme, please contact