Business Sounding Board

Business Sounding Board

At Global Child Forum, we want to be that solution-oriented partner that provides business with the resources they need to ensure that their business thrives while, at the same time, they contribute to the well-being of the world’s children. Our Business Sounding Board helps us do just that.

Our external Business Sounding Board is comprised of some of the world’s leading companies, all of whom have achieved high scores in our corporate benchmark report and have been identified as among the most influential companies to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They are a group of committed companies who have agreed to work with us to ensure that we challenge our thinking and help us package all of our wisdom by developing the right tools and services.

Our main purpose with the Business Sounding Board is to:

  • Help us understand how best to support companies to achieve the SDGs as they relate to children’s rights
  • Ensure that Global Child Forum focuses on, and prioritizes, the most important issues, tools and services to achieve maximum impact

Projects where the Business Sounding Board have supported us with valuable insights:

Ultimately, our goal is to enable a close cooperation that benefits both the company, Global Child Forum, and, most importantly, children around the world.

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