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10 sustainable business approaches to child labour

About this guide

Welcome to Global Child Forum’s guide to building systems for preventing and dealing with child labour in operations and supply chains.

This guide was developed using insights from the Global Child Forum Corporate Sector and Children’s Rights Benchmark, which finds that few companies report transparently on the effects of their child labour policy or show any board level accountability for their child labour responsibilities.

To support companies wanting to improve their approach to child labour and ensure that they in turn support and protect children in the process, this study presents a set of sustainable business approaches to combat child labour together with examples of emerging business practices.


Who is it for?

The guide can be used by professionals working in sustainability, social impact or human rights, or consultants supporting companies working to improve social sustainability in tackling child labour.


What does this guide contain?

In this guide you’ll find the following:

  • Guidance and best practice to approaching child labour issues
  • 10 business approaches to child labour, that can be adopted by companies
  • Examples from other companies such as IKEA, Apparel Brands, Cocoa Initiative, Huawei and more!

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