Children's Participation Guide

Practical guidance from a corporate perspective

About this guide

Welcome to Global Child Forum´s guide on children’s participation in business, aimed at businesses that are either already engaged in, or are considering, involving children in their decision-making processes. Involving children and youth – whether through focus groups or formal employment – teaches them to exercise their rights to participate and speak up. Businesses also benefit from the active participation of children: they have fresh, unique viewpoints and perspectives that may not be offered by adults.

This guide was created in consultation with corporate leaders in children’s participation in business, leading researchers in this field, as well as children and young people . The guide could be seen as a next step after using the “The Workbook – how to implement a children’s rights perspective”.


Who is it for?

This guide is primarily directed to sustainability teams within multinational corporations with an interest in advancing children’s rights in business. The guide can also be useful to smaller companies who wish to involve children. The guide is aimed both at industries that directly engage with children as consumers as well as industries that do not directly sell or market their products to children.


What does this guide contain?

  • Concrete advice on how and when to include children in business decision-making
  • Guidance how to get started
  • Guidance how to take action
  • Company examples: eg. IKEA and Telia
  • Tips for other resources

Download the Children's Participation Guide

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