The State of Children's Rights and Business in Southeast Asia 2020

Regional Benchmark

The State of Children's Rights and Business in Southeast Asia 2020

The State of Children’s Rights and Business in Southeast Asia 2020 is being published at an inauspicious time. While no nation has escaped the grip of COVID-19, its timing, and degree of disruption, has hit Southeast Asia in terms of its economic impact on the region and its toll on children

What we see for Southeast Asia is that the region has improved since our last benchmark in 2016. Business in this region has made significant strides as more and more companies bring children’s rights to the board level. But although the region has made headway, there is much room – and great need – for improvement.

The study, conducted in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group (BCG), analyzed 232 of the region’s largest companies, on how they report on addressing children’s rights . By bringing such information to light, companies are able to recognise both the shortcomings and the opportunities that exist with regard to their impact on children’s lives. The report also offers corporates, and their stakeholders, including investors, data-driven insights into those companies that are movers in their sectors.

So which companies are leading, and which are lagging? Check out the corporate table table below and download the report for a more in-depth exploration of the results.

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