Global Child Forum

Partner Advisory Board 2020

About the meeting

The Global Child Forum Partner Advisory Board meeting at the Stockholm Royal Palace 2020 was held on September 23rd and brought together the organization’s partners to discuss how, together, to best advance children’s rights in the corporate sector to meet new challenges.

King Carl XVI Gustaf, Honorary Chairman of Global Child Forum, opened the meeting by acknowledging the new challenges that the world is facing due to the global pandemic – not least, those impacting children.  Given this new reality – where we are witnessing the reversal of so many of the children’s rights gains we had strived for — he asked how Global Child Forum can continue to adapt and prioritize to reach our mission.

Closing remarks

H.M. Queen Silvia

Your Majesty,

Your Royal Highnesses,

Your Exellency,

Ladies and gentlemen,

The time has come to conclude today’s meeting. But before we part ways, I would like to say a few short closing words.

His Majesty and I would first and foremost like to thank all of you who have participated today. We see great value in your participation, and I am so happy that we have been able to meet here today despite these special circumstances.

I take a lot with me from this meeting. But what I, above all, think about is the enormous meaning of partnership. If the coronavirus has taught us anything, it is that our world today is completely and fully interconnected:
– A virus in Wuhan can cause a child to be out of school in Ethiopia.
– An incomplete purchase order from a retailer in Sweden, can force a child into labour in Bangladesh.
– And companies that don’t care about their environmental impact, can risk the future of our entire young generation.

But – and this is most central – the opposite is also true: A family-friendly factory program can give a child a safe childhood.  A car manufacturer’s campaign for road safety can save a child’s life. And a company’s apprenticeship program can give a youth the opportunity to build their own future.

Dalai Lama has said, “Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.” I would amend that to also say that partnerships can also have far-reaching effects.

Today we have heard from Jenny Lindén Urnes about Lindéngruppen’s partnership with Global Child Forum – a partnership which has resulted in the publication of a comprehensive workbook, a framework for companies to work with children’s rights. I am sure that it will be to great benefit for many companies. Yes, it is a pebble dropped into the water.

Global Child Forum has also initiated a partnership with the World Benchmarking Alliance and will work together with this group to better influence companies to engage in children’s rights.
This is also a pebble dropped into the water.

This fall, Global Child Forum will present four digital ActionLabs on different themes and showcase excellent corporate initiatives.
Four more pebbles.

And our meeting here together today – exchanging ideas – is also another pebble that will hopefully create ripples yet unseen.

Dearest partners. Your work, and your partnerships, make a difference for children around the world.

Thank you for your engagement – and once again thank you for being here with us today!