The State of Children’s Rights and Business 2023

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You work hard to ensure that your operations are sustainable and that you adhere to the latest reporting standards.

Transparency matters to you and your business. Why? Because consumers care, investors care, employees care, journalists care and families and children care. Now it’s time to let your stakeholders know what you have achieved so far in terms of your company’s respect for children’s rights in your operations.  They are interested, and who knows, you just might inspire other companies, organisations and people along the way!

This communications toolkit is designed to make it easier for you to share your success. We’re proud that you are on this journey with us – and we hope you are too. 

Ways to communicate

Let your networks know! Send out a press release and spread the word on social media, with the messages and images provided below.

Blog post: If you currently have an active blog, use it to highlight your benchmark score. You are also welcome to pitch a post idea for the Global Child Forum Blog  Click here to contact us about a collaboration.

Annual Report or Sustainability Report: Share your benchmark score and children’s rights policies, programmes and performance in your reports to your stakeholders.

Let your employees – or those that you positively impact – tell the story:

Empower social media-savvy employees to use your organisation’s platforms like Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, and Snapchat to talk directly to your audience! Energise colleagues, build brand, and engage followers.

Don’t forget to use our hashtags #GCFbenchmark and #GCFbenchmark23. Hashtags act as a filter for online conversations and help your content reach new and relevant audiences. By adding these hashtags to the caption text of your X, Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook post, your message will be easier for others to see and find.

When communicating around your benchmark score, we ask that you clearly indicate the following:

‘Global Child Forum bases its benchmark scores on a company’s publicly available information, systematically assessing a corporate’s response to impacts on children’s rights. Scores are not a measure of actual compliance with policies, outcomes of policies and/or programmes, nor should scores be construed as investment advice.  Read more about the methodology here.

Social media

Global Benchmark 2023

Ready to get the word out on social media?

See below for images and banners, key messages, and inspiration for your platforms!

Social media

Key messages & materials for benchmark 2023 companies



  • Just released! Global Child Forum’s latest global benchmark has evaluated over 1000 of the world’s leading companies across various sectors, analysing 20+ key indicators. Access the full report here:
    #BusinessBenchmarking #ChildRights
  • Interested in which business sector is at the forefront of championing #ChildRights? Global Child Forum’s global benchmark evaluates over 1000 influential companies across 8 sectors and regions. Find out more here:
  • Curious about how the world’s largest companies are performing when it comes to children’s rights? Global Child Forum has just released their latest benchmark report exploring over 1000 companies from across the world. Find out more:
    #SDGs #BizChildRights
  • Discover which companies are being recognised as “Leaders” and “Achievers” in promoting #ChildRights in the newest global benchmark on children’s rights and business by Global Child Forum. Find out more:

X (Formerly Twitter)

  • How are the world’s largest companies performing on #childrensrights? Discover in the Global Child Forum 2023 Benchmark! Read more: #CSR #BizChildRights
  • Explore @GCForum’s global children’s rights and business benchmark! Identify the “Leaders” and “Achievers” in advancing #childrights: #Sustainability #CorporateLeadership
  • Who is leading and lagging on children’s rights and business? Discover more in the newly released Global Child Forum Benchmark: #Sustainability #CSR
  • Just released! The latest global benchmark from @GCForum evaluates 1000+ leading companies across sectors on 20+ indicators. Find out more:



  • Honoured to announce that we have been recognised as a “Leader” in Global Child Forum’s latest global benchmark on children’s rights and business. Find out more about the report here: #ChildRights #CorporateResponsibility
  • Thrilled to share that we have achieved “Leader” status in addressing children’s rights in Global Child Forum’s latest benchmark. Dive into the detailed report: #ChildRights
  • We are honoured to be acknowledged as an “Achiever” by Global Child Forum for our commitment to children’s rights in business. Learn more about our efforts in the latest benchmark report: #CorporateCitizenship #ChildRights

X (Formerly Twitter)

  • We are proud to be recognised as a “Leader” in @GCForum ’s latest global children’s rights and business benchmark which scored 1000+ of the world’s most influential companies. Read the report here:
  • We have been scored as a “Leader” in addressing children’s rights in @GCForum ’s latest benchmark on children’s rights and business!  Read the report here:
  • We are proud to be identified as an “Achiever” by @GCForum for our efforts in addressing children’s rights in our business! Read the latest benchmark:



  • #ChildRights
  • #CorporateResponsibility
  • #CSR
  • #SustainableBusiness
  • #SDGs
  • #ResponsibleBusiness
  • #GlobalChildForum
  • #BusinessForGood


Social media

Key messages & materials for the financial sector & non-corporate actors


  • IT Software & Services falls behind on the Global Child Forum Child Rights Benchmark! As responsible investors and companies we can work together to prioritise children’s well-being in our sectors and make a positive impact. Find out more about the report:
  • The newly released Global Child Forum Benchmark shows that Responsible Marketing & Product Safety towards children remains the worst performing area for 2023. Investors and companies must deepen their understanding of child safety and become more responsible with the impact of our choices on children as a result. Discover more insights from the report:
  • Children constitute 1/3 of the global population, and investors not conducting specific child rights due diligence may expose themselves to child “human rights” risks – a crucial insight from the Global Child Forum benchmark report:
  • Businesses face no transition period for child rights. The imperative to prioritise child rights is immediate, and the freshly released Global Child Forum Benchmark report highlights the need for this essential commitment today:



  • Proud to lead with purpose! We’re integrating child rights into our investment strategies using data on business and child rights from Global Child Forum. It’s not just an investment – it’s a commitment to a better future for children. Discover their latest report on how well companies perform when it comes to children’s rights:

X (Formerly Twitter)

  • We are proud to integrate #childrights into our ongoing #investmentstrategies, leveraging valuable insights from @GCForum’s data in an attempt to positively shape the future for children. Read more about the @GCForum Benchmark:



  • #GCFbenchmark
  • #SDGs
  • #ESG
  • #InvestmentAwareness
  • #ChildRights
  • #CorporateAwareness
  • #SustainableInvesting
  • #CorporateResponsibility
  • #RiskManagement

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Global Benchmark 2023

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