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Grupo Telecom; Protecting children online is all about education

About this company case

As one of the leading providers of telecommunications services in Argentina, Grupo Telecom is conscious of their impact on the everyday lives of their customers. Understanding that children and adolescents are important users of their services, the company has identified protection online as a management priority.

This Deep Dive is part of our series that looks at how companies find solutions and harness opportunities that create meaningful change.


“In the era of mobile connectivity, where children have access to multiple devices, it’s vital to equip them with a critical judgement that provides them with the necessary resources for their protection. It is also important that parents and adults can guide children in the responsible use of technology, so that they can learn in a safe and constructive environment.” 

Pedro Lopez Matheu, Director of Government Relations
Communication and Media, Grupo Telecom


(Image/photo credit: Grupo Telecom)