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How does Global Child Forum influence companies to improve?

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Global Child Forum’s Impact Report provides partners and stakeholders with an overview of our efforts to influence global multinational companies to take action securing children’s rights.

In the report you’ll find key insights regarding the effects of benchmarking and our accompanying products and services, as well as a summary of our goals and our Theory of Change.

Global Child Forum

Impact Report 2022

How do we measure and report our impact?

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Filippa Bergin

Head of Strategy, Impact and Growth

Filippa Bergin has spent the last twenty years working within sustainability and human rights in business with organisations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Storebrand group AS, Axel Johnson group, Axstores AB, the Karolinska Institute, Amnesty Business Group and other NGOs. She holds various board positions for several organisations inclusive of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), Vinnova (Sweden’s innovation agency), and the Press Council, which investigates breaches in Swedish press-ethical rules. Filippa joined Global Child Forum in January 2020.

Katarina Mellström

Secretary General

Katarina has over twenty years of experience from managing companies with a focus on improving society and building bridges between stakeholders. Her most recent role was Senior Director at IVA, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, but she also has CEO experience from Mandator, Fujitsu Services and more. Katarina serves on the board of several organisations and holds a Degree of Master of Science in Business and Economics from Stockholm University. She joined the team in September 2022. As Secretary General, Katarina is responsible for strengthening Global Child Forum’s financial partnerships and continuing to drive the organisation's strategy forward.

The Children’s Rights & Business Benchmark

Are companies doing their part?

Global Child Forum benchmarks companies on how well they are implementing the Children’s Rights and Business Principles which form a baseline for our work.

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