Children’s Rights Industry Risk Tool

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About the Children’s Rights Industry Risk Tool

How are companies & sectors classified?

The tool refers to TRBC sector and industry classification.

What are the risk factors based on?

The risk factors consider the Children’s Rights and Business Principles (developed by Save the Children, the UN Global compact and UNICEF), which identify the full range of areas where business can impact children’s lives and present a risk to them.

How have the risk levels been calculated?

A score is given based on:

  • Typical activities of the industry and its supply chain
  • Degree to which each indicator is likely to occur
  • Likelihood that the impact on children is significant

How can investors & companies benefit?

The tool highlights the child rights issues which are most material – or relevant – for investors and businesses in different industries.

It’s also a great way to interpret a company’s benchmark score – and understand the most pressing gaps and improvement areas to address. To find a company score, just enter the name in the search field below!

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