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Neglecting Children’s Rights:
All Risk & No Reward

Global Benchmark Report 2023

Business are hiding behind three fallacies

There is a wide variation in the degree to which companies address their impact on children’s rights. Different industries and markets mean different challenges. But many businesses neglect their responsibilities by hiding behind three fallacies.

What are these? Find out below!

Accessibility note: A text-based version of our video, Businesses are neglecting their children’s rights responsibilities by hiding behind three fallacies (suitable for screen-reading software), is available here.

Business are neglecting child rights responsibilities by hiding behind 3 fallacies

Securing long-term sustainability

Children’s vulnerability places them under the spotlight in the media, among authorities and within the public’s consciousness. Companies, while never completely immune to scandals, face heightened scrutiny when children are part of the equation.

The potential ramifications include legal and regulatory penalties, disruption to operations, vulnerabilities in the supply chain, increased costs and damage to brand and reputation – spooking markets and harming the company’s long-term sustainability.

For forward-thinking investors, a company that neglects children’s rights is a risky proposition.

Discover more about sustainable investment, and how to use trusted benchmark data to reduce risk exposure, here.



Global Benchmark Report 2023

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