From the world of children’s rights and business

Feb 2024
Tech and Telecom must do more to protect children’s rights

A Q&A with Katarina Mellström, Secretary General of Global Child Forum, on the intersection between children’s rights and technology.

Jan 2024
2024 Action Agenda: Confronting the 10 Challenges Affecting Children Worldwide

Global Child Forum underlines the key children’s rights issues which will shape the organisation's agenda for 2024.

Dec 2023
PRESS RELEASE: Global Child Forum Welcomes Helena Thybell to its Board of Directors

Global Child Forum announces the appointment of distinguished children’s rights and sustainability advocate Helena Thybell to its Board of Directors.

Oct 2023
PRESS RELEASE: Global Report Shows Alarming Decline in Corporate Responsibility Towards Children

The latest benchmark from Global Child Forum reveals a significant decrease in corporate responsibility towards children.

Oct 2023
Protecting the Youngest: Global Child Forum’s Call for Children Amidst Escalating Violence in Gaza and Israel

Global Child Forum urges all parties involved in the escalating conflict in the Gaza Strip and Israel to protect children, and adhere to international human rights laws.

Oct 2023
PRESS RELEASE: Global Child Forum Launches Industry Risk Tool to Empower Investors

Global Child Forum has launched a new digital tool enabling investors to quickly assess key children's rights risks across industries.

Sep 2023
PRESS RELEASE: Global Child Forum Announces Growing Support from the Financial Sector

As Penser Bank becomes its latest funding partner, Global Child Forum announces that support for children's rights is increasing from the financial sector.

Sep 2023
Successful Collaboration between Swedbank Robur and Global Child Forum

Global Child Forum and Swedbank Robur recently joined forces to contact prominent global companies regarding their approach to child rights.

Aug 2023
PRESS RELEASE: Global Child Forum Commends UN Committee's Historic Call for Action on Children's Right to a Clean and Sustainable Environment

Global Child Forum lauds the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, as it calls for firm action on the safeguarding of children's environmental rights.

Jul 2023
PRESS RELEASE: Global Child Forum Calls on European Commission to Tighten Children’s Rights Reporting Standards

The European Commission has released the draft delegated regulation that complements the European Accounting Directive and includes the initial set of European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) required by the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

Feb 2023
Q&A with Katarina Mellström, Secretary General

We asked our new Secretary General eight questions about herself, her vision for the organisation and the state of children’s rights in the corporate sustainability agenda.

Dec 2022
PRESS RELEASE: Majority of Food, Beverage & Personal Care Companies Fail to Address Childrens’ Rights

Global Child Forum, which produces the world’s largest benchmark on companies’ impact on children, today released its global report on the state of children’s rights in the food, beverage and personal care sector,

Dec 2022
PRESS RELEASE: Global Child Forum at the Royal Palace in Stockholm urges companies to take action on children's rights

At this year’s Forum, decision-makers from business, government and civil society addressed a range of urgent issues around children’s rights.

Dec 2022
PRESS RELEASE: Katarina Mellström is appointed as Secretary General to Global Child Forum

Newly appointed Secretary General, Katarina Mellström, is tasked with strengthening strategic collaborations and funding.

Sep 2022
PRESS RELEASE: Global Child Forum and The PRI are driving corporate action to improve children’s lives

Global Child Forum benchmark data on children’s rights and business is a core pillar in The PRI’s human rights data, offerings investors an understanding of how children’s rights issues are being measured across sectors.

Mar 2022
PRESS RELEASE: Vodafone, Telenor, Deutsche Telekom top Global Child Forum’s Tech & Telecom Children’s Rights and Business Benchmark

Stockholm-based Global Child Forum today announced the results of their latest benchmark report which takes a close look at the state of children’s rights within the Technology and Telecommunications sector.

Feb 2022
PRESS RELEASE: Global Child Forum announces availability of its research and experts on Verity, the first Sustainable Finance Platform

The research and expertise of leading child rights organisation Global Child Forum is now available on Sustainable Finance Platform, Verity.

Nov 2021
PRESS RELEASE: Global Benchmark report 2021

Stockholm-based Global Child Forum today announced the results of their report, “The State of Children’s Rights and Business 2021”, showing that companies need to urgently address the implications of their climate actions on children.

Nov 2021
PRESS RELEASE: Global Child Forum opens their Business Academy

Stockholm-based Global Child Forum announced today the launch of their newest program, The Business Academy,  designed to be a children’s rights and business accelerator helping companies focus on their children’s rights risks and opportunities, supported with peer-to-peer learning.

Feb 2020
PRESS RELEASE: Filippa Bergin joins Global Child Forum as new Head of Research and Business Development

Filippa Bergin has been appointed new Head of Research and Business Development at Global Child Forum, charged with leading on the organization’s work to strengthen the understanding and relationship between corporate profitability and children’s rights.  She assumed her role on January 9.

Sep 2019
Global Child Forum Calls on Asian Business Leaders to Prioritize Children’s Rights

BANGKOK 16 September – Global Child Forum, a Stockholm-based leader in children’s rights and business, is bringing together actors from business and civil society to take action on children’s rights at the CSR Asia Summit – the region’s foremost annual sustainability event being held on September 18 - 19. This is the third time Global Child Forum has participated in this summit, underscoring their commitment to placing child rights on the corporate social responsibility agenda in the region.

Apr 2019
Partner Advisory Board Meeting 2019

This year’s Partner Advisory Board at the Royal Stockholm Palace, held on March 27th, marks Global Child Forum 10-year anniversary. The organisation’s partners come together annually for a half-day meeting to discuss the challenges faced by children the world over and the role that business can play in addressing these challenges. The meeting also looked to the next 10 years and focused on how Global Child Forum can increase it’s relevancy to the corporate sector.

Aug 2018
Global Child Forum in Stockholm 2018

Read full report from the latest Global Child Forum here!

Apr 2018
HRH Crown Princess Victoria: "Children’s rights are what the Global Goals are all about"

Speaking at the 10th Global Child Forum, HRH Crown Princess Victoria asks what is the purpose of children’s rights if not a child daring to hope for a better future.

Apr 2018
Global Child Forum awarded IKEA Foundation grant, reinforcing support for children’s rights in business

Global Child Forum is the proud recipient of an IKEA Foundation grant totalling 38.5 million SEK, fortifying the organization’s efforts to ensure that children’s rights are supported and advanced among the corporate sector.

Mar 2018
Business investments in children's education - a mapping study

Businesses recognize the importance of education, both for development in society and for the business sector. But while it’s well documented that the education sector globally suffers from a significant lack of resources, contributions from the private sector are limited. Our latest report showcases examples of how companies’ investment in education lead to positive outcomes - not only for children, but also for business and society as a whole!

Nov 2017
Partner Advisory Board 2017: Perspectives on cross-sector learning for children's rights

The year's Partner Advisory Board meeting focused on cross-sector learning to advance children's rights in the corporate sector. How can business, regardless of sector and position, seize the opportunities to contribute to a better world for our children and young people by “investing in every child”? What does it mean to be a responsible company in today’s competitive environment? How can companies find solutions that balance their long-term profitability while balancing their ESG (environmental, social and governance) responsibilities? These questions provided a fruitful discussion at the Global Child Forum’s annual Partner Advisory Board (PAB), held on 15 November 2017.

Nov 2017
Global Child Forum and UNICEF commit to work together to urge business to support children’s rights

Global Child Forum and UNICEF signed a Memorandum of Understanding today reinforcing the two organizations’ continued collaboration working to promote the rights and well-being of every child.

Jun 2016
Mobility & Connectivity: Children's Rights and Sustainable Business

On Thursday, 5 May, the Global Child Forum on Southeast Asia took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia under the theme “Mobility and Connectivity: Children’s Rights and Sustainable Business”. The Southeast Asia Forum is the 8th for the organisation and brought together over 280 leaders and decision makers from 26 countries to discuss the current state of children’s rights in the ASEAN region and called upon business to make children’s rights a top priority. The Forum was inaugurated by H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf, the Honorary Chairman of Global Child Forum which the Royal Family started in 2009 in order to stimulate dialogue and leadership and advance children’s rights in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Apr 2016
Global Child Forum encourages ASEAN business to develop a more child focused CSR approach

Pressrelease: Global Child Forum, together with over 250 leaders and decision-makers from governments, business, civil society and academia is set to showcase how leading corporations address children’s rights as part of their sustainability agenda on the 5th of May. First of its kind regional benchmark study lead by Global Child Forum, conducted by Boston Consulting Group, will be presented to define the challenges and opportunities of children’s rights in 9 industry sectors across 6 countries in the region.