Global Child Forum announces partnership with the
World Benchmarking Alliance

STOCKHOLM, 11 February  2021

Global Child Forum has become a World Benchmark Alliance Ally in a bid to expand the reach and impact of Global Child Forum’s flagship report, “The State of Children’s Rights and Business” — a corporate sector and children’s rights benchmark. In doing so, the organization has now decided to align its benchmark universe with the World Benchmark Alliance SDG2000 list.

Since 2014, Global Child Forum has been benchmarking companies on how they report on addressing a range of children’s rights issues throughout their value chain. To date, the organization has benchmarked over 2,600 companies both on a regional and global scale making it the largest and most comprehensive marker on how well companies address children’s rights issues. For its 2021 global benchmark report, Global Child Forum will now, for the first time, select its universe from the SDG2000 list.

Click here to see all the SDG2000 companies that will be benchmarked by Global Child Forum 2021.

The SDG2000 is a list of companies whom the WBA have identified as the world’s most influential companies toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The 2000 companies represent a combined revenue of USD 46 trillion, directly employing over 102 million people worldwide, plus millions more throughout their supply chains.

“We’ve chosen to become a WBA Ally due to our like-minded approach in using data to drive progress on the SDGs,” said Cajsa Wiking, Global Child Forum’s Secretary General. “Through our benchmark lens, we can better understand the key indicators that help companies to advance children’s rights. Our insights also allow us to support those companies that are on their way to becoming industry leaders in integrating a child rights approach.”

“We are very pleased that Global Child Forum has joined our multi-stakeholder and diverse Alliance of 195+ organisations from around the world. Both our benchmarks are intended to drive progress towards the SDGs, by inspiring corporate action on crucial issues like human rights, and children’s rights,” said said Pauliina Murphy, Engagement Director, World Benchmarking Alliance. “As Allies, we hope to accelerate this impact and focus on moving towards a world where companies value all people and leave no one behind.”

Global Child Forum is now underway scoring nearly 1,000 leading companies for its global benchmark and report, The State of Children’s Rights and Business 2021.  This benchmark is expected to be published by Q4 of this year. For results from the 2019 benchmark, please click here.

In addition to the Corporate Sector and Children’s Rights Benchmark, Global Child Forum helps companies to better understand their scores and offers tools and guides to support companies to take the necessary steps to become “Leaders” within their sector.  Learn more here:

About the World Benchmarking Alliance

The private sector has a crucial role to play in advancing the SDGs, but to boost companies’ motivation, there needs to be real change in the way that their impact is measured. The World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) is benchmarking companies to compare performance on the global challenges the world faces. WBA acts as an independent, transparent body with a broad group of nearly 200 Allies to be a successful driver of change. The benchmarks, free and publicly available to all, will empower stakeholders, from consumers and investors to employees and business leaders, with key data and insights to encourage sustainable business practices across all sectors.

About Global Child Forum

Founded in 2009 by the Swedish Royal Family, Global Child Forum is a leading forum for children’s rights and business dedicated to innovative thinking, knowledge-sharing and networking.  Global Child Forum believes in the power and responsibility of business, working in partnership with all parts of society, to create a prosperous, sustainable and just society for the world’s children. For more information, visit: Follow Global Child Forum on Twitter and LinkedIn

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