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Global Child Forum Launches Industry Risk Tool to Empower Investors



Global Child Forum, a leading organisation advocating for childrens rights in business, is pleased to announce the launch of a new digital tool – the Children’s Rights Industry Risk Tool. Designed to enhance how investors and companies assess and manage children’s rights risks, this innovative platform is set to elevate responsible investing.

In today’s complex investment landscape, identifying and mitigating risks associated with children’s rights can be a formidable challenge. The Children’s Rights Industry Risk Tool is a game-changer for investors, providing a comprehensive overview of the child rights risks inherent to each industry and sector. By assessing these risks, investors can make more informed decisions, ensuring their investments do not contribute to human rights violations.

“Caring for our children is an investment in the future, and responsible investors hold the power to shape that future,” said Katarina Mellström, Secretary General of Global Child Forum. “By considering children’s rights in their portfolios, investors not only make ethical choices but also contribute to a world where every child’s well-being is prioritised.”

How Are Risk Levels Calculated?

The Children’s Rights Industry Risk Tool employs a sophisticated methodology that assigns scores based on three pivotal factors:

  • Typical Industry Activities and Supply Chain
  • Likelihood of Indicator Occurrence
  • Significance of Impact on Children

By meticulously analysing these factors, the tool equips investors and companies with invaluable insights, enabling them to proactively manage and mitigate children’s rights risks.

Unlocking Insights for Responsible Investments

 “At Global Child Forum, we believe that responsible investors and companies should be acutely aware of their business activities’ impact on children,” said Matthew Goodwin, Head of Sustainable Investing at Global Child Forum. “The Children’s Rights Industry Risk Tool empowers the financial and private sectors to gain a deeper understanding of child rights risks within various industries, ultimately fostering responsible investment practices.”

To assess the influence that the companies you invest in have on children, select your sector and industry and start your journey toward responsible investing.

Note to Editors  

 Explore the Industry Risk Tool here:  Children’s Rights Industry Risk Tool.

The tool refers to TRBC sector and industry classification, ensuring accuracy and relevance.

The risk factors consider the Children’s Rights and Business Principles, developed by Save the Children, the UN Global Compact, and UNICEF, which comprehensively identify areas where business can impact children’s lives and pose risks to them.

Scores are determined based on the typical activities of the industry and its supply chain, the likelihood of each indicator occurring, and the likelihood of a significant impact on children.

The tool highlights the child rights issues most material to investors and businesses in various industries. It also aids in interpreting a company’s benchmark score, revealing the most pressing areas for improvement and addressing gaps.

By considering children’s rights in their portfolios, investors not only make ethical choices but also contribute to a world where every child’s well-being is prioritised.

Katarina Mellström

Secretary General of Global Child Forum

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