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Global Child Forum announces availability of its research and experts on Verity, the first Sustainable Finance Platform


STOCKHOLM, BOSTON, 15 February 2022

Global Child Forum, a leading forum for children’s rights and business, announced today that they are joining a large, and growing body of stakeholder organizations by making their research and expertise available on Verity, the first Sustainable Finance Platform. Users of Verity, which include investors, corporate decision-makers, and a diverse community of stakeholders, will be able to access Global Child Forum’s children’s rights and business benchmark data, giving them access to the largest data set of its kind which will help inform investment decision-making.

Global Child Forum found Verity to be a natural destination for its research because their Holistic Analysis Solution allows for the nuanced examination needed to analyze corporate policy and follow-through. The private sector has enormous potential to impact children’s lives – both positively and negatively – and there are few better forward indicators for the health of a society than the well-being of its children. Companies seeking to demonstrate strong governance of social issues are therefore positioning their offerings and operations in alignment with the protection of children’s rights.

“We are thrilled to welcome Global Child Forum to Verity. Global Child Forum’s benchmarks and experts represent the single best resource for systematically assessing a company’s impact on children’s rights. Verity offers the comprehensive showcase this resource deserves. We are excited to watch users interact with GCF and their research through our engagement solutions to act on the critical issue of children’s rights,” said Jeffrey Marsh, founder of Verity Platforms, which created and operates Verity.

“Investors are demanding data on the ‘S’ in ESG to help incorporate social considerations into investment strategies, stewardship and company ESG assessments. We’re delighted to offer Verity our comprehensive data on nearly 1,000 companies, giving investors the insights they need to navigate the risks and opportunities inherent in a company’s adopting a children’s rights approach. We are delighted that our children’s rights in business data will be joining other market leading sustainability research on Verity,” said Matthew Goodwin, Global Child Forum’s Sustainable Finance Manager.

Global Child Forum joins an expanding list of peers with research and experts available on Verity, covering a wide range of human rights and other ESG issues critical to understanding the performance of companies in the stakeholder economy. Growing expectations from the emerging stakeholder economy for more transparency and insight into the externalities of corporate decisions and operations has increased the need for the invaluable work of organizations like Global Child Forum.

About Global Child Forum
Founded in 2009 by the Swedish Royal Family, Global Child Forum is a leading forum for children’s rights and business. Global Child Forum publishes the largest benchmark on children’s rights and business in the world and makes the benchmark data available to investors in order to help them incorporate a children’s rights perspective into investment strategies and stewardship. Global Child Forum believes in the power and responsibility of business, working in partnership with all parts of society, to create a prosperous, sustainable and just society for the world’s children. In addition to forums, Global Child Forum delivers research perspectives, best practices and risk assessment tools designed to unlock opportunities for business to integrate children’s rights into their operations and communities.

For more information about how investors could use Global Child Forum’s benchmark data, please contact Sustainable Finance Manager Matthew Goodwin, or read more here.

About Verity Platforms
Verity Platforms Inc. is a mission-driven, public benefit corporation that created and operates Verity, the first Sustainable Finance Platform. Verity allows companies and investors to source and integrate actionable sustainability research directly from expert stakeholder organizations through our holistic analysis, AI, and engagement solutions. These solutions extend to also power coalitions and collective engagement campaigns, while producing documented evidence to substantiate organizational claims and combat green-washing. The company is headquartered near Boston, Massachusetts.

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