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How well does your company stack up against your peers?

Since 2013, Global Child Forum has been benchmarking companies on children’s rights with one goal: to give the corporate and financial sectors the insights they need to make a positive difference in the lives of children. We’re excited to now make our methodology available to SDG2000 companies who have not yet been part of our benchmark.

This self-assessment tool will diagnose your company’s strengths and weaknesses related to children’s rights – and give you a chance to see how you compare with the largest global companies in your sector and region. With this compelling evidence, you can drive the change you need in order to achieve your sustainability goals and become a children’s rights leader.

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How does the self-assessment work?

The tool lets you assess your company’s efforts on 25 indicators related to children’s rights and business. After completing the survey, you’ll receive a scorecard with your results and, most importantly, key insights that can be shared internally to inform your sustainability strategy. Your results will also be compared with your peers. The self-assessment takes around 30 minutes to complete.

This assessment looks into different issues within CSR/ESG on a corporate level, and whether your company incorporates a child rights perspective in these areas. The tool can be used by everyone within your company that has insight into these areas and your public disclosures on them.


Who can take the self-assessment?

In 2020, Global Child Forum joined the World Benchmarking Alliance and adopted their SDG2000 as our universe. From this list, we select the companies to be included in our benchmark. The self-assessment tool is primarily meant for companies included in the SDG2000 list that we have not yet benchmarked. If you are not within the SDG2000 but are interested in taking the assessment, please send an email request to

Please note that this is a self-assessment and Global Child Forum will not have verified your final score. Your end result can therefore not be used in public communication, nor do Global Child Forum endorse or take responsibility for the results. 

Ready to try the self-assessment?

Our self-assessment tool will bring your company’s children’s rights strengths and weaknesses into focus – and give you a chance to see how well you stack up against the largest global companies in your sector and region.

If you’re interested in our self-assessment tool, please contact our Corporate Engagement Manager Sean O’Shea.

Sean O’Shea

Corporate Engagement Manager



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Our benchmark series fills a research gap, tracking the progress of the corporate and financial sectors over time on how children’s rights are addressed by business.

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