Reporting Best Practices

How do your peers successfully
report on children’s rights?

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Reporting Best Practices

These best practices on reporting are taken from Technology & Telecommunications, and Food, Beverage & Personal Care – two sectors we’re currently focusing on due to their high impact on the lives of children.

But the examples here can be applied within multiple sectors and industries.

Take a look at how influential companies report clearly and effectively on children’s rights, in each of our benchmark impact areas!

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Governance & Collaboration

Standards, governance & collaboration with others

Examining how successfully companies integrate children’s rights into their governance mechanisms


Operations & supply chain

Assessing a company’s impact through its operations and supply chains, specifically in relation to employment


Marketing, products & services

Analysing the impact companies make through marketing activities and products or services

Community & Environment

Impact on surroundings

Considering the wider community impact a company makes - both directly and indirectly - through its operations and supply chains

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