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Verizon; A holistic approach to assessing impacts on child rights

May 2022

About this company case

As one of the world’s leading providers of communications technology to consumers, businesses and government entities, Verizon has approximately 118,000 employees.

The company’s consumer business, operating in the U.S., hosts 115.2 million wireless retail connections and approximately 7 million broadband connections, and also offers other consumer products and services.

As part of Verizon’s long-standing commitment to respecting human rights, the company performs human rights impact assessments of significant business areas and issues. The company set out to assess its approach to child rights and safety issues at a time when the external landscape for these issues is evolving and attention to them is growing. Were these issues being effectively governed and addressed in the company’s current business services and offerings?

This case study explores Verizon’s experience conducting a child rights impact assessment (CRIA) through the following topics:

  • How the exercise affirmed Verizon’s governance approach to human rights and child rights
  • How the company supported efforts to embed respect for human rights, including child rights and safety, across its business
  • How the company leveraged the assessment process to both foster opportunities for greater internal cross-functional collaboration and to strengthen external engagement on child rights issues

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